Camphill Communities Milton Keynes launch a T-Shirt Yarn Project

    Inspired by recycling, up-cycling and craft, Camphill Communities Milton Keynes has launched a new T-shirt Yarn Project.

    Using donated T-shirts the community is creating yarn to make new handmade products such as bags and pouches. By selling their creations in their on-site shop, they hope to raise funds for a new defibrillator. They are also keen to get everyone in the Camphill community to collectively make a large rug for their ‘social room’ in Willen.

    Part of the T-shirt Yarn Project will see the launch of an in-house pop-up ‘Arts Café’ set up by and for residents, co-workers and volunteers. Every Friday afternoon participants will meet to create craft relating to arts therapy. It will be a time to create together but also to relax and catch up.

    The project will involve crochet, knitting and braid making techniques. Some residents already have these skills, while others can be taught them.  Making a braid is one of the simplest techniques, which can involve everyone with various abilities and disabilities.

    The inspiration behind the T-shirt Yarn Project also comes from Knit For Health and Wellness study and book by Betsan Corkhill, which discusses the therapeutic benefits of knitting. By reducing stress each Friday afternoon, Camphill Communities Milton Keynes will be knitting for health!

    Camphill are actively seeking involvement from the wider community to get involved by donating their unwanted T-shirts. Visitors to the on-site shop can drop off donations during opening times and be part of this truly inclusive community project.

    Because knitting, crochet and braid making can be done anywhere and at any time, residents and staff will also demonstrate their skills in the Camphill Shop during less busy times.

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