Campaigning begins in Bletchley East by-election - here's everything you need to know

    Campaigning has begun this weekend for the upcoming Bletchley East by-election for Milton Keynes Council, which is set to take place on Thursday 19th July 2018.

    The contest will be crucial for both main parties in Milton Keynes following the local election results last month, with both Labour and the Conservatives looking to boost the number of councillors they each have.

    At present, the Conservatives have 23 elected councillors on Milton Keynes Council, Labour have 21 and the Liberal Democrats have 12.

    There is also 1 Independent councillor who was originally elected as a Conservative but had the whip removed earlier this week for failing to pay membership fees to the party.

    Cllr Alan Webb's seat is the one being contested in the upcoming Bletchley East by-election, as he stands down from the Council and representing Labour.

    Labour have announced their candidate will be Emily Darlington and the Conservative candidate will be Angela Kennedy.

    In the May elections, Bletchley East was held by Labour with 1,483 votes (47.8%) with the Conservatives in second place on 1,218 votes (39.2%).

    The close result means both parties will be pouring resources and efforts into the seat.

    MKFM will have all the latest in the coming month and bring you the results live after voting on Thursday 19th July 2018.

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