Campaign to save historic WWII building

    Planning application has been made to demolish Wilton Hall in order to make way for building of six new executive homes.

    Local Conservatives are supporting residents in calling for a historic building to be saved from demolition.

    Wilton Hall, built in 1943 was the Assembly Hall for the Government Code and Cipher School which now sits one of the most historic parts of Bletchley Park. The building played an important role in Britain's victory during WWII and was vital to development of mega bands in the swinging sixties. The Rolling Stones, the Who, Pink Floyd, Gene Vincent, Adam Faith, The Searchers, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Tremoloes, Animals and Lulu all played there.

    Wilton Hall, is of vital local, national and international value. It links our past to our present and future unlike many buildings. Local Conservatives are campaigning to save this building and Cllr. Allan Rankine (Cons - Bletchley Park) and Angela Kennedy, Bletchley East By-Election candidate have called for the application to come before the Council' Planning Committee and not just be processed under delegated powers. They have further stated that the protection of our 'cultural heritage' is a critical part of the Council's 2050 strategy. 

    Conservative Council Group Leader, Cllr. Alex Walker says, "Wherever we go and ask residents about the demolition of Wilton Hall, there is crystal clear consensus. Residents want Wilton Hall to stay open and for its history to be preserved. Our petition is designed to show the strength of feeling and size of support for saving this building. We will keep working with Labour-led MK Council, developers and owner of Wilton Hall to maintain the presence, use and heritage of this important historical structure" 

    To sign the petition, follow this link.

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