Chaos as Campbell Park Fun Fair closes down due to 'large group of teens causing conflict'

    A number of members of the public have reported chaotic scenes as Campbell Park Fun Fair was forced to close early this evening, after what owners described as 'a large group of teens causing conflict at the fair'.

    The reports, which have come from a number of witnesses messaging the radio station, state that the fair was closed with members of the public being turned away.

    One eyewitness Letitia Emery told us: "I saw the back end where a pregnant woman got squashed then teenagers running. They ran behind the fair on to the field and the back on to the fair then was running to different parts with loads of shouting and swearing."

    Despite early social media rumours of an acid attack, there has been no eyewitness reports and fairground organisers have since clarified that no such attack took place.

    In a statement, fair organisers Keith Emmett and Sons said: "The Keith Emmett and Sons Funfair closed early on Thursday 26th October due to a large group of teens causing conflict at the fair. Keith Emmett and Sons is a family operated business that runs family events."

    "Along with the Milton Keynes Police, Keith Emmett and Sons made the decision to close the fair early to ensure the safety of the public. Public safety is paramount to Keith Emmett and Sons, and so the fair was closed and the area cleared quickly without any injury or incident. No serious injuries occurred and contrary to rumour there was no attacks using acid."

    "Keith Emmett and Sons would like to thank Milton Keynes Police for their response and action to defuse the situation quickly. Keith Emmett and Sons would like also to thank all the patrons of the Milton Keynes Fair and Fireworks Spectacular for their ongoing support. Please be assured that the fair will continue to be a fun and safe event for all its patrons."


    The annual fair and fireworks has passed without incident for many years and is well supported by the community. Many witnesses have praised how quickly the Keith Emmett and Sons as well as Police reacted to keep the public safe.

    However, some members of the public have disputed the statement released by the fairground organisers as incorrect.

    MKFM has attempted to contact Thames Valley Police but the Press Office is currently closed.

    If you were an eyewitness at the fair or know someone who was, please contact MKFM via our Facebook Inbox, email or text on 81400 - starting your text with the word MKFM.

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