BREAKING: Reports of travellers currently setting up on H9 Groveway near Netherfield and Ashland

    MKFM are receiving reports from members of the public that a number of travellers have pitched up on an area of grass near to the H9 Groveway in Milton Keynes.

    The land is located on the underpass walkway between Ashland and Netherfield, near to the Ashland Roundabout.

    It is reported that one van and a caravan arrived at around 5pm this evening, but residents are now reporting that more have joined over the past hour with at least six currently at the location.

    Travellers have now left the site a site they were occupying over the past week in Oxley Park, and MKFM understands that these are the same travellers who have now moved to the new location.

    Milton Keynes Council were planning to seek an injunction tomorrow to remove them from the Oxley Park location.

    In addition, travellers have now moved on from a location on the H8 Standing Way, although it is not yet known whether they have also moved to the same location.

    One resident commented: "We were playing cricket and they just drove through where we were playing, unbelievable!"

    Another added: "It would seem more are arriving as my daughter just saw a large caravan drive into the estate."

    A number of local residents have already reported the arrival online via the Milton Keynes Council website and by calls to 101.

    Yesterday, we exclusively revealed that the number of reports to Police regarding travellers sites in Milton Keynes has increased by over 340% in the past twelve months.

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