Car park in Milton Keynes sealed off with heavy police presence at the scene

    Police have sealed off a car park and have a strong presence in part of Milton Keynes this evening (30/3).

     MIDNIGHT UPDATE HERE: Police have confirmed that two teenagers were stabbed during a "large altercation". 

    At least six Police vehicles as well as a number of ambulances have been seen in the Furzton Lake Car Park off the V4 Watling Street.

    Local residents living nearby have also reported a helicopter being seen overhead.

    There is currently congestion on the V4 Watling Street between the junctions with Standing Way and Chaffron Way.

    There have been multiple reports circulating on social media regarding a stabbing in the area.

    This has not yet been confirmed or denied by police so remains speculation at this time.

    MKFM will bring you more information as we get it.

    furzton lake

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