Brand new Reformer Pilates Studio Lands in Central Milton Keynes

    Studio 281 will be expanding and opening a high-spec studio in Milton Keynes on July 1st – the first ever of its kind in the area.

    The state-of-the-art studio promises an unparalleled fitness experience for clients old and new. With an inclusive and comprehensive schedule of classes from Monday to Saturday, Studio 281 offers high-quality, bespoke sessions led by expert instructors who pride themselves on a hands-on, personalised approach.

    The expansion to Milton Keynes follows the immense success of Studio 281’s Bedford location, which has gathered a loyal following and exceptional client satisfaction across the board. The demand for a trusted and innovative Pilates studio in Milton Keynes has driven this exciting development, bringing the unique benefits of reformer Pilates to the MK community, and promoting wellness in the area for all.

    Georgia, former dancer, turned teacher, and co-founder of Studio 281, said, "We believe in making our clients feel good and supported on their journey and we try and do that in every way we can. Our approach goes beyond traditional fitness, providing a welcoming space where everyone can achieve extraordinary things."

    Reformer Pilates is renowned for its inclusivity and effectiveness as an exercise regime. It promotes physical health, mental wellbeing, and overall fitness, making it accessible and beneficial for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

    To celebrate the grand opening, 281 Studio is hosting a series of exclusive launch events:

    • Open Day for Local Businesses: On June 27, local businesses are invited to a sneak preview of the venue, with the opportunity to join and receive special discounts.
    • Launch Weekend: From June 28-30th, applicants can participate in sample classes and explore the state-of-the-art facilities.
    • Launch Party: The highlight event on June 28th will feature press and influencers, including huge names such as Gail Emms, Amy Kiln, Rochelle Anthony, and more. Attendees can look forward to Harrods beauty gift bags and engaging sample classes to kick off the weekend on a high.

    For more information, please contact Sundown Agency –

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