Bletchley Park chosen by Professor Robert Winston as one of top 10 Science & Discovery places

    Bletchley Park is among 10 places chosen by Professor Robert Winston for the Science & Discovery category in Historic England’s campaign Irreplaceable: A History of England in 100 Places

    Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, where Alan Turing built the world’s first electronic computers that led to the breaking of the Nazi Enigma code, is among 10 places announced today (3rd October) by Professor Robert Winston for Historic England’s campaign Irreplaceable: A History of England in 100 Places, sponsored by Ecclesiastical.

    Professor Winston, who has judged the Science & Discovery category, is the first expert judge in Historic England’s campaign, from a panel including Mary Beard, George Clarke and David Olusoga, who will choose 10 places from a long list of public nominations.

    The year-long campaign aims to find the 100 places which best tell England’s remarkable story and its impact on the world.

    Together, the selected places in the Science & Discovery category demonstrate that England has long been a hotbed of invention, innovation and creativity.

    Also among Professor Winston’s chosen places are the humble hut in Gloucestershire where the world’s first vaccination was pioneered, the laboratory in Sheffield where stainless steel was invented and a 17th century feat of engineering in Cambridgeshire which protects 29,000 hectares of agricultural land from flooding every year.

    All 10 places picked by Professor Winston will be explored in a new podcast series, launched today, and at the end of the project a book will be published by Historic England.

    Hosted by Emma Barnett, the podcast series will begin by taking listeners on a journey to the extraordinary places which Professor Winston decided best demonstrate the importance of Science & Discovery to the identity of England, and help tell our national story. 

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