Black History Month exhibition to be held in Milton Keynes shopping centre

    The Black History Month Art, Culture, and Business Exhibition will take place in Milton Keynes this October.

    Taking place at Middleton Hall, in centre:mk, outside John Lewis, the Black History Month Art, Culture, and Business Exhibition will be taking place over the 18th and 19th October between 10am and 5pm both days.

    Completely free to access, the exhibition is open to all individuals, groups, organisations, and businesses interested in showcasing their products and services.

    It will also provide an opportunity for black-led art, culture, and business organisations to be exposed to the wider Milton Keynes community.

    The exhibition takes place during Black History Month, a month to relive, discuss and celebrate the contributions and achievements of people of black heritage to the United Kingdom and the world.

    Visitors to the exhibition will have the chance to hear stories, experience culture and learn more about Black History Month.

    As well as the stalls on display at the exhibition, local film club Junior Filmmakers has been working with students from MK College to produce a number of moving and educational films. These films can be found here.

    You can register today for an exhibition stand here and there is a 20% discount for all non-profit stall buyers.

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