Bin collections to begin earlier this week due to hot weather in Milton Keynes

    As temperatures remain hot this week, a decision has been made for bin collections to begin an hour earlier for the safety of the staff.

    Milton Keynes residents are being told to ensure their waste is out for collection at 6am, as crews are set to be working an hour earlier each day.

    It comes as an operational decision, with impact from the crews, to try and keep working conditions as safe as possible. 

    The decision was first made back in July when a the UK reached record breaking temperatures, and has now been re-introduced.

    Now, MK Council have announced that the early starts are back in place this week as hot weather remains.

    Residents are being told to not put their bins out until after 5pm.

    You can check The Met Office's advice on how to keep cool and safe here.

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