Bear Grylls outdoor fitness deliver safe socially distanced training in Milton Keynes

    Be Military Fit with Bear Grylls is the UK and Europe’s biggest outdoor fitness provider and has long had a presence in Milton Keynes. During lockdown, MK and Bedford Parks were acquired by local health and fitness expert and energie Fitness gym owner Rob Francis.

    “As an ex elite soldier I have worked for Be Military Fit (BMF) as an instructor. But that was four years ago and I would never have imagined that I would become the owner of the franchise in Milton Keynes and Bedford”, says ex Royal Marine and Parachute Regiment Officer Rob Francis.

    “It’s an amazing opportunity to be part of a UK wide network of parks who are all delivering the best outdoor fitness training experience there is, using cutting edge training protocols whilst also maintaining the fun factor that BMF is famed for."

    Rob continues, "I took over the parks here in Buckinghamshire just after Covid 19 shut down the nation but we didn’t let that stop us from delivering an amazing online training service to our members.”

    Co-owner of energie Fitness in Kiln Farm and Rob's partner Claire adds, "The last two years of being open has built an amazing community of members. Knowing how BMF is such a community based brand itself, it seemed only natural that we should take the opportunity to run our own outdoor based fitness business too.”

    Claire continues, “We intend to run these two amazing fitness businesses side by side, giving members of BMF the opportunity to train both in the park and at our club and to access the energie Fitness gym network. It will make for the best value and most diverse fitness membership in Milton Keynes.”

    Rob and Claire have also been part of the Be Military Fit steering committee, which as one of the leading outdoor fitness brands in Europe, has been advising UK Active and the government on the safest way to train outdoors during the Covid crisis.

    Rob says, "For us the health and safety of both our members and our team is of paramount importance, so we have worked hard to develop the safest and most effective training protocols there is."

    If you would like to know more about Be Military Fit in Milton Keynes, how to get involved in the “back to park”, online sessions or to become a member visit their website here or call 07984775332.

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