Jobs are available for people in Milton Keynes to help with Census 2021

    Census 2021 is fast approaching and the Office for National Statistics is now hiring thousands of staff to encourage people to take part in the decennial event.

    The census is a once-in-a-decade survey that gives us the most accurate estimate of the population and households. Census day is March 21 2021.

    It informs decisions nationally and locally on vital services and ultimately it ensures millions of pounds are invested in emergency services, mental health care, school places, hospital beds, houses, roads, GP's and dentist’s services based on the information people give.

    “The ONS is hiring thousands of people in a range of exciting temporary roles to make Census 2021 a success,” Lisa Robson, census engagement manager, said.

    “I would love the census field force to include people from every community across Milton Keynes.

    Nationally, around 300 community engagement staff have already been employed and recruitment has now begun for a whole range of field staff which will peak at over 30,000 jobs at the height of the census operation in the spring of 2021.

    “These roles will be perfect for those who enjoy talking to people and working in the community, and every post filled will help ensure communities across the length and breadth of Milton Keynes are represented.

    “It is crucial everyone – from people living in central Milton Keynes to those in the countryside near Olney; all generations and ethnic minorities – takes part to give the best picture of the needs of us all.”

    Understanding the needs of the nation helps central government and Milton Keynes Council plan and fund public services. With Milton Keynes continuing to grow in size, it is particularly important that we understand the needs of our own changing community.

    Information from the census is also important in helping lots of other people and organisations do their work. Charities and voluntary organisations often use it as evidence to get funding. It also helps businesses to understand their customers and decide where to open new services.

    Operating in line with the Government’s latest Covid-19 guidance, census officers will be deployed across the country next spring to contact those who have not responded. They will offer help and advice to those who need it. They will also remind people that their census response is required by law. Flexible hours are available, although some evening and weekend work will be expected.

    To register your interest and for more information on all the census jobs available, visit

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