Bars, restaurants and hairdressers re-open in Milton Keynes for 'Super Saturday'

    Bars, restaurants and hairdressers will be re-opening their doors in Milton Keynes today for the first time since March.

    It comes as the government eases coronavirus lockdown restrictions further.

    Strict restrictions on social distancing and other measures will be in place to keep customers safe.

    But it's not entirely clear how busy the pub and restaurant sector will be over the weekend.

    Earlier this week, MKFM published a poll on Facebook and 90% of respondents said they will not be visiting the pub this weekend. 

    Looking at a more national picture, new research by Opinion Matters shows that more men (54%) than women (36%) would be happy to pop out for drink and with 25-34 year olds (42%) more confident than 55-64 year olds (18%).

    Thames Valley Police have said they are aware that some may wish to enjoy themselves with a drink or a meal out and are encouraging everyone to enjoy themselves safely and responsibly.

    Head of Local Policing Chief Superintendent Christian Bunt, said: “After over three months of social restrictions, we understand that people will want to go out and enjoy themselves when lockdown restrictions ease further on Saturday (4/2)."

    “As these restrictions are lifted however, the public have an even greater responsibility to adhere to the government guidance around social distancing and hygiene and play their part in stopping the spread of Coronavirus. Covid-19 still presents a significant threat to public health, as highlighted by the local lockdown seen in Leicester this week, and we must all continue to respect the measures in place to protect lives."

    “As with any expected busy weekend, Thames Valley Police has a comprehensive plan in place with officers visible in our cities and town centres, as well as extra resources and officers available to respond to any disorder or criminality, wherever they are needed. And whilst we have no powers to enforce social distancing, restrictions around gatherings are still in place and we will break up illegal events and take action against those who organise them."

    “We are also working with local authorities and licensees to support their plans to manage the number of people out and about. In some areas entry to a bar or restaurant will only be possible if you pre-book a table and not all premises are opening, so if you’ve not pre-booked you may not get entry to anywhere and you may wish to consider this when making your plans. Also make sure to pre-plan your travel and how you are going to get home."

     “We would also ask that people are mindful of the potential impact they could have on the emergency services and urge people to drink responsibly."

    “We want everyone to have a great time and enjoy themselves but please stay safe and adhere to the public health measures in place to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.”

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