Awards for Operation Deter officers tackling knife crime in Milton Keynes

    Officers and staff from the local police force, city council and Crown Prosecution Service have been awarded for their work in tackling knife crime.

    On Thursday (9/2), Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Barber chaired the latest Thames Valley Local Criminal Justice Board (LCJB) meeting.

    During the meeting, the police boss discussed ways of tackling delays in getting cases to court as well as how to improve support for victims of crime.

    A number of commendations to officers and staff from Thames Valley Police, Milton Keynes City Council and the Crown Prosecution Service for their work on Operation Deter were presented by Matthew Barber.

    Operation Deter which has been driven by TVP and the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC), Matthew Barber, focuses on prosecution, intervention and prevention.

    The operation was launched in Milton Keynes in July 2022, and has since been extended to Aylesbury Vale and now includes Slough, with a view to roll-out across the entire force area over the coming year.

    It's main objective is to make better use of charging and remanding offenders aged over 18 to court, sending a robust message to anyone found in possession of a knife.

    MKFM spoke to Assistant Chief Constable for Crime and Criminal Justice Tim De Meyer, following the launch. He said: "Operation Deter is a comprehensive police operation which is going to bring great momentum to every aspect of policing in Milton Keynes. People are going to see high visibility policing and I expect there to be more targetted stop and search, taking knives off the streets.

    "I want officers to take the knife off the streets that might harm a young person that night. We need faster investigations, we are going to have swifter prosecutions and importantly, Operation Deter is as much about supporting young people who are on the brink of getting involved in knife crime, as it is bringing to justice those people who carry and use knives." he continued.

    Last month, police launched a new youth pilot. The new pilot scheme works in partnership with the Youth Offending Team (YOT), aimed specifically at those under the age of 18.

    PCC Matthew Barber said: “Too many people have become victims of knife crime, and the prevalence of knife carrying is a concern for many residents in Thames Valley.

    “This comprehensive approach to tackling not just knife crime but the wider culture of knife carrying will be a template, not just for the whole of the Thames Valley, but a model for other forces to follow.

    “Our communities want an end to knife crime and Operation Deter is making positive progress to divert those who carry knives away from serious offending, which will affect not only the lives of their victims, but also their own lives.”

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