Asda stores across Milton Keynes to start selling 'Ginny the Guinea Pig' cakes

    Supermarket chain Asda has recently launched a new type of cake to compete with the likes of Colin & Cuthbert.

    Ginny the Guinea Pig is the latest cake from Asda as they attempt to expand their collection of birthday cakes. This news comes just a few months after M&S sought to bring legal action against Aldi for allegedly copying their cake designs. 

    Instead of the traditional chocolate-covered swiss roll, Ginny is made from a soft Madeira sponge layered with fruity raspberry jam and frosting, complete with some sweet edible decorations.

    Ginny is priced at £10, somewhat more expensive than the majority of caterpillar cakes on the market.

    Many shoppers took to social media to give their thoughts on Ginny. One user was very excited, saying: "This is the only cake I want for my birthday from now on."

    Another jokingly added: "Imagine the trauma of taking a knife to it, especially at a kids birthday party!"

    For nutritional details and other related information, you can find more about Ginny the Guinea Pig on the Asda website.

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