Arrests made as part of wanted investigations

    Four people from Milton Keynes have been arrested after evading justice and failing to appear at court.

    The arrests took place between 12 and 14 December as part of Operation Reaper. This followed 68 arrest attempts early in the morning and late at night by a team of officers.

    In total 13 people aged between 16 and 58 were located. They were facing a variety of offences, including for breaching court orders and theft.

    Breakdown of Arrests:

    • Aylesbury: 2
    • Milton Keynes: 4
    • Slough: 4
    • Wycombe: 3

    Detective Sergeant Granville Williams, leading the operation, said:  "This operation is part of measures put in place by Thames Valley Police to bring wanted people to justice and achieve effective outcomes for victims at court.

    “I would urge friends and family members of any wanted individuals to contact police or risk criminal proceedings by assisting an offenders.
    “I intend for police action to continue over the Christmas period and into the New Year."

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