Applications open for community groups tackling crime in Milton Keynes to for funding

    The Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley has now opened the first of two application rounds to his Community Fund in 2023.

    The Community Fund is managed by the PCC and the Chief Constable and helps to prevent crime and keep communities safe.

    Money from the proceeds from the sale of items seized from criminals, that can't be returned to their rightful owners, is used to create the scheme.

    Organisations applying must support one or more of the Police and Crime Commissioner's Police and Criminal Justice Plan priorities, these include: strong Local Policing, fighting Serious Organised Crime, Fighting Fraud & Cybercrime (fighting modern crimes), improving the Criminal Justice System and tackling illegal encampments.

    Matthew Barber, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley Police, said: “I’m pleased to announce the first round of this year’s Community Fund is now open for applications. This is a great opportunity to support community and voluntary groups in reducing crime.

    “We’re fortunate to have such an active community across the Thames Valley, playing a significant role in helping to tackle local issues around crime prevention and supporting vulnerable groups. 

    “I have been fortunate to visit some of the groups we’ve supported in the past, who have benefited from the funding provided to support their communities and help prevent crime across the Thames Valley.

    “I look forward to receiving applications which focus on a range of areas within my Police and Criminal Justice Plan including crime prevention, modern crimes such as cybercrime and fraud, and reducing re-offending.”

    Chief Constable John Campbell, said: “Using money generated from the sale of items seized from criminals that cannot be returned to their rightful owners is a great way of funding worthy projects and other work across the Thames Valley.

    “This funding will play a big part in helping voluntary and community groups across the Thames Valley. It will allow them to continue to run projects that play such a big role in preventing crime and protecting our communities.

    “As ever, we are particularly keen to receive bids for this money from organisations that support our priority areas."

    The closing date for this round of applications is 4pm on Monday 6th February.

    Further information, including a link to the application form, can be found here.

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