Anti-5G 'peaceful protest' planned at Council offices in Milton Keynes this Wednesday

    Anti-5G campaigners are planning a peaceful protest outside Milton Keynes Council's offices this Wednesday lunchtime.

    The group say that they "do not consent to untested, harmful technology being thrust upon us again our will".

    One protestor said they will be bringing their guitar in order to "sing their message to the council".

    And the group also say that Piers Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn's brother, will be in attendance.

    Mr Corbyn has not confirmed this, although he was seen at a protest in London last month where he made comments about 5G.

    It is not yet known how many people will be attending the event in Milton Keynes, which has been primarily organised within a private Facebook group.

    It is scheduled to take place outside the Civic Offices from 12pm until 2pm on Wednesday.

    Claims about 5G links with coronavirus are primarily 'conspiracy theories' with little grounding in scientific evidence.

    NHS England Medical Director Stephen Powis has said the theories linking 5G with coronavirus are "the worst kind of fake news".

    Dr Simon Clarke, associate professor in cellular microbiology at the University of Reading, said: "The idea that 5G lowers your immune system doesn't stand up to scrutiny,"

    "Your immune system can be dipped by all sorts of thing - by being tired one day, or not having a good diet. Those fluctuations aren't huge but can make you more susceptible to catching viruses."

    The organisers of the Milton Keynes protest say the demonstration on Wednesday is not related to 5G coronavirus concerns but instead is more generally about the use of the technology.

    Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Friday told people to avoid protests and mass demonstrations due to coronavirus restrictions.

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