Angry residents complain of “underhand and unacceptable” plan to put homeless bus near them

    A plan to park a bus for homeless people on the outskirts of a residential area is facing angry objections from homeowners.

    The Bus Shelter MK has to move away from its current base in Colgrain Street, Milton Keynes, because the area is set to be developed.

    MK Council has offered the charity a lease for a redundant council site in Stantonbury and it has had to apply for planning permission.

    Council officers have recommended that the plan should be approved.

    It will be considered by a committee of councillors at a virtual meeting of Milton Keynes Council’s development control committee on June 18.

    Residents in Crosslands and Ormonde responded furiously to the online consultation.

    “I have had to find out about this from the local paper instead of being consulted in a proper fashion with a local meeting and understanding of the operation being proposed,” said one opponent.

    “This is underhand and unacceptable.”

    She added: “Due to the Covid-19 situation, this should be delayed until a PROPER public consultation has happened for those who live on that side of Crosslands and Walshes Manor.”

    Objections have been made by 10 residents in the area.

    They cite concerns over parking, as well as noise, and worries that it could hit house prices.

    Another objector said: “Quite frankly, worrying about this development has been keeping me awake – in an already stressful time.”

    And another said: “The inclusion of the shelters will not directly benefit the residents of Stantonbury, and risks negatively impacting house prices, insurance premiums, personal safety and property.”

    But five comments were also made in support of the plan.

    “What a great way to utilise redundant land,” said one.

    “This sounds like a fantastic opportunity for the bus shelter!

    “Having a permanent residence would certainly provide stability for all users and staff.

    “This service definitely deserves to have its forever home.”

    And another supporter says: “It is important to note we are all only a few steps away from homelessness at any point in time, I feel more secure knowing that a facility like this is there to provide s safety net should my life take a turn for the worse.”

    The bus, once used by Robbie Williams’ stage crew during the pop star’s tours, is not roadworthy and is used to provide upstairs bunks for eight homeless people at one time, with the downstairs used as a living area.

    Council officers have recommended that councillors should vote to approve the plan.

    The council’s experts in highways and amenity matters have not objected to the scheme.

    And they say it “would not result in an adverse impact on the amenity of neighbouring dwellings.”

    People will be able to speak for or against the plan at the virtual meeting by emailing by 12 midday on Monday June 15.

    The meeting will be broadcast on YouTube.

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