Angry Milton Keynes residents turn out in force to berate council over lack of anti-drug action

    A group of angry residents are still demanding action on drug dealing in their area three months after first petitioning the council.

    Locals from Oxley Gardens turned up at Milton Keynes Council’s Cabinet meeting on Tuesday where they berated council leader Pete Marland over a lack of action.

    The council’s Labour leader, Cllr Marland advised the residents that drug dealing was an issue for the police, and not the council.

    Sumeet Gupta and a delegation of residents had originally presented a petition to the council in March this year.

    Mr Gupta said: “We are extremely disappointed in the way this is progressing. We had a meeting in March and we are still talking in June. I am completely surprised with this because of the gravity of the situation.”

    He said the problems included drug dealing and activities that lead the police to cordon off the street. He spoke of guns being pointed at a house, and he called for the culprits to be evicted.

    “This is not about rubbish, it has to be taken into a different category,” he said. “I pay a lot of money to the council on time and I want action.”

    Cllr Marland said: “You should take it up with the police. Drugs are a police matter.”

    He said that the council had taken the issue up with the police, but it was a matter for them. “It is an important issue and we are pushing the police to act.”

    He added: “The Police and Crime Commissioner is Andrew Stansfeld. He is the political head of the police and I suggest you take it up with him.”

    Cllr Robin Bradburn is the council’s representative on the Police and Crime Panel, urged residents to attend the next meeting. “If you are available, do your best efforts to get there,” he said.

    Cllr Bradburn said the meeting was on “Friday, June 12” but it is in in fact on Friday, June 21.

    Mr Gupta, who was supported by other residents, said he was “very dissatisfied” with what he had heard.

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