Ambulances were told 'wrong location' of 15 year old girl who died in Milton Keynes this week

    It has been revealed that ambulance crews were told the incorrect location of a 15 year old girl in Milton Keynes earlier this week, as part of an incident in which she later died.

    MKFM reported on Monday that a 15 year old girl had died in an 'unexplained' situation on Monday afternoon in Milton Keynes City Centre.

    But South Central Ambulance Service have since told the BBC that the 999 caller who reported the girl was in need of assistance gave the wrong location.

    A call to 999 was made at around 2.33pm on Monday afternoon, but it took a second call with a new address over ten minutes later to be made before ambulances were able to arrive.

    The girl died shortly after ambulance crews were eventually able to find her, but no cause of death has yet been given.

    Ambulance officials are now warning the public to make sure they provide accurate and correct location information when making a report.

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