Air ambulance charity treats its 5,000th patient

    Thames Valley Air Ambulance marked a milestone this weekend after treating its 5,000th patient since the charity became an independent healthcare provider in October 2018.

    In three years, Thames Valley Air Ambulance’s paramedics and doctors have come to the aid of 5,000 people across the community when every second counts. From road traffic collisions to cardiac arrests and sport and leisure injuries, the crew are trained for every eventuality.

    With both a helicopter and a fleet of critical care response vehicles, stocked with advanced lifesaving drugs and kit, Thames Valley Air Ambulance brings hospital-level care to the roadside. The ability to perform procedures and administer drugs above and beyond those available on a traditional ambulance means the charity fights to give patients the best chance of survival and recovery.

    Adam Panter, Chief Operating Officer at Thames Valley Air Ambulance, said:

    “Reaching this milestone is a bittersweet moment for our team. Although we are proud to have helped so many people in our community, we are all too aware that behind every number is a real person who has been through significant trauma. We don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone but, if it does, the care our paramedics and doctors can deliver on scene can make all the difference when it matters most.

    “5,000 may seem like a big number, but the actual number of people touched by our charity is likely to be even higher, as our aftercare service provides ongoing support to former patients, their loved ones and even bystanders. When you need us, we will be with you every step of the way.”

    Of the 5,000 patients treated, 1855 were in Berkshire, 1784 were in Buckinghamshire, and 1202 were in Oxfordshire. 159 were from the surrounding areas. The three most frequent types of incident were road traffic collision, cardiac arrest and accidental injury.

    As a charity, Thames Valley Air Ambulance relies on the generous support of the community to deliver its lifesaving service. Without your donations, they wouldn’t be able to do what they do.

    Discover more about the incidents the crew has attended in your community by exploring their Mission Map:

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