Ailsa's Aim: Bringing Comfort and Support to Patients in Milton Keynes and across the UK

    Ailsa's Aim is a local charity which provides support, signposting and essential care packs, free of charge, to patients battling Cancer and to families with babies in Neonatal care across 14 hospitals in the UK.

    Sara, co-founder of Ailsa’s Aim, experienced a myriad of complications whilst trying to conceive, and eventually fell pregnant by IVF, before discovering she had stage 3C Ovarian Cancer. Ailsa, her daughter, whom the charity is named after, had to be delivered by C-Section at 32 weeks, and ended up in the Special Care Baby Unit at Kettering General Hospital, whilst Sara was admitted to Charing Cross Hospital for her Chemotherapy treatment.

    Born from adversity and the desire to help those in a similar position, Ailsa’s Aim now distributes essential care packs, completely free of charge, to patients in over 14 hospitals in England, from as far afield as Norfolk and London, to Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire.

    At the core of Ailsa's Aim is a dedication to easing the burdens—both financial and emotional—that accompany medical crises. Each care pack, meticulously curated to meet the needs of patients. From soothing lotions and cosy socks to practical essentials like toiletries and snacks, these care packs serve as a beacon of hope amidst the storm of medical treatments and hospital stays.

    What sets Ailsa's Aim apart is not just the tangible support it provides, but also the spirit of compassion that infuses every pack. With each item carefully selected to bring comfort and alleviate distress, these care packs represent more than just material goods—they symbolise a community rallying together to support those in need.

    None of this would be possible without the generosity of our volunteers and supporters. Each care pack costs Ailsa's Aim £7.50 to assemble—a small price to pay for the immense comfort it brings to patients and their families. Through donations, fundraising efforts, and volunteer contributions, Ailsa's Aim ensures that these essential care packs continue to reach those who need them most.

    "Thank you Ailsa's Aim for the green bag, it cheered me up during my chemo, and kept me entertained. You will never know how much it meant". These are the words of just one beneficiary who received an Essential Care pack whilst undergoing Chemotherapy treatment.


    Another said: “'Hi, I just wanted to say I received a care package on the day my baby was discharged from the NICU last week, after a very long 3 weeks. I can't tell you how lovely it was to get this - just little things that I had completely neglected to buy due to being in hospital whenever I could and recovering from an emergency c section”.

    “As a registered charity we strive to help all those who need our support, and our volunteers, donors and sponsors work tirelessly to ensure that we do this in the most inclusive and dignifying way for each and every one of our beneficiaries.”

    You can find the Ailsa’s Aim charity through the registration number 1188783.

    To find out more about Ailsa’s Aim and how you can get involved please visit

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