Age UK Milton Keynes delivers 1000th dinner during lockdown

    Age UK Milton Keynes are proud to have delivered their 1000th dinner as part of their COVID -19 Emergency Response Service.

    Age UK Milton Keynes send out meal packs twice a week to older residents of Milton Keynes who have been identified as needing their support in these difficult times.

    These meal packs consist of a three-course dinner, which can be turned into three separate meals if required. The meal packs sent out on Tuesday consisted of tuna salad, roast turkey with all the trimmings and fruit salad, along with an Innocent fruit smoothie and sweet treat.

    There will always be a small element of cooking involved as they try to keep people active in their homes. The meals are put together from donations and prepared and delivered by volunteers.

    Their volunteers always have time to stop for a chat and make sure everything is okay. They are often the only person the client has seen that week so it is important for the volunteers to let them know Age UK Milton Keynes cares about their welfare.

    Their 1000th dinner was delivered by John, who has been volunteering with them since being furloughed.

    It was delivered to Ian, who contacted Age UK as he was getting very lonely and depressed, and was desperate for help.

    As a result of his call, they now deliver dinners to Ian on a weekly basis. He has a new telephone ‘be-friender’ and they help him with a little shopping.

    Ian is in his 70’s and has health problems, he said that he is too scared to go out even to walk to the local shop.

    He has seen all of his family die through illness with his wife dying two years ago. He does not have access to the internet as he cannot afford it and says every day was the same with nothing to look forward to.

    Thanks to the intervention of Age UK Milton Keynes, Ian is feeling much better in himself and looks forward to seeing his volunteer when he brings his meal and having his regular telephone call with his ‘be-friender’.

    Age UK Milton Keynes are a local independent charity supporting the older residents of Milton Keynes. Although a lot of people are starting to return to a semblance of normality, they are continuing to run their Emergency Response Service.

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