Advice issued by Fire Service to electric blanket users in Milton Keynes - here's what it says

    Bucks Fire and Rescue have issued safety advice to Milton Keynes residents following an electric blanket fire elsewhere in our region.

    Jo Cook, Community Safety and Safeguarding Manager at Bucks Fire and Rescue and Gerrards Cross Watch Commander Andrew Holtzhausen have issued the advice following a recent fire.

    The advice to residents in Milton Keynes who use electric blankets is to have them checked or replaced if it shows any of the following danger signs:

    • It displays the old BEAB safety mark - if it carries this mark it will be more than 10 years old and will not comply with the latest safety standard. 
    • The fabric is worn or frayed.
    • There are scorch marks anywhere.
    • The tie-tapes (where originally fitted) are damaged or missing.
    • The flex is worn or damaged.
    • Any connections at the plug or controls are loose.
    • The heating wires have been damaged or displaced. To check, hold the blanket up to the light - the wires should be evenly spaced and not touch each other anywhere.
    • Or if you are in any doubt whatsoever!

    They have also issued the below good practice guidelines when choosing a new blanket:

    • Always buy new. Second-hand blankets may not be safe.
    • Look out for a European Certification Mark, such as the new BEAB safety mark, on the blanket and packaging. This will mean it conforms to the latest European safety standard.

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