A421 trees get new homes in the community

    As part of Central Bedfordshire Council's project to upgrade the A421 road, the project manager has been out donating tree saplings to the local community.

    They're transplanting 300 young trees, as they were growing where the new dual carriageway road will be built.

    Yesterday, the first relocated trees were delivered to local pupils from the Walton High school at Brooklands in Milton Keynes. Other trees are being donated to the HULA Animal Rescue Centre in Aspley Guise, and to Brogborough Parish Council.

    Trees help support biodiversity, limit climate change and make an area more attractive, and the council didn’t want these saplings to go to waste. Rather than cut them down, they’ve been eco-friendly and relocated them instead. The council are delighted that they’ve been able to find such great new homes for these trees, where local schoolchildren, residents and the rescue animals at the HULA centre will all be able to enjoy them instead.

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