A year of waste and recycling in MK

    The Council’s Waste & Recycling team have had a busy year in 2016 with a high amount of waste collected and boxes and bins requested and issued.

    Over the past 12 months the team has given out:

    • 1070 green 23l (food) bins
    • 1872 silver food waste kitchen caddies
    • 3626 green 140l wheeled bins
    • 7226 blue plastic boxes

    Our waste contractors have collected very large tonnages of waste collected from their weekly runs including:

    • 50,000+ tonnes of black sack waste
    • 20,000+ tonnes of pink sack waste
    • 5,000+ tonnes of blue box recycling

    Our Materials Waste Facility (MRF) in Old Wolverton run tours throughout the year to educate people about recycling and to show how the pink sack materials are recycled. Tours are free and can be booked online.

    In 2016 our Waste Education officer conducted:

    • 7 public tours
    • 3 children’s tour and craft sessions
    • 60 school tours
    • 16 group tours

    The total number of visitors through the MRF was 2,190 (1,499 children and 691 adults)

    All the recycling receptacles can be ordered through our online form at www.milton-keynes.gov.uk.

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