A teenager from Milton Keynes received a refund after spending £877 on washing powder

    Andrea Carnell

    A Milton Keynes teen spent £877, expecting the computer part he ordered, but received a box of washing powder instead.

    Devin Scott, 19, used his entire month’s apprentice salary on what he assumed was a graphics card (a component of a computer), through the popular e-commerce company Amazon, only to excitedly open his package to find a box of Surf Laundry Powder.

    Devins mother, Andrea Carnell said, "Apparently the graphics card renders the graphics, I'm not sure what that is, but he was very excited about it. Instead of an £877 PC part there was a box of washing powder. We didn’t really understand what was going on.”

    Andrea contacted Amazon where she was advised that the item was most probably stolen by a third party. They then requested she reported the incident as a crime and provide them with a police report.

    Following the instructions given by the e-commerce company to provide all the requested information, they informed her that they were unable to confirm the details and therefore could no longer assist her and Devin.

    A frustrated Andrea then contacted BBC’s ‘The JVS Show’ on behalf of her son. After being filled in on the incident, Jonatham Vernon-Smith (JVS), a consumer journalist decided to contact Amazon on behalf of Devin and Andrea, which eventually led the e-commerce company to provide a 100% refund on the purchase.

    Amazon said, "Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we’re sorry that customer experiences in this case did not meet the high standards we expect. The customer flagged to us is being fully refunded."

    Devin’s response to the issue being resolved was "Jonathan is the G." JVS claimed he didn’t understand the term, but he is “delighted to be the G”.

    Ms Carnell said, "My son said it felt like a huge weigh of his shoulders, as a mum I feel satisfied he hasn’t been taken advantage of."

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