96.90% of premises in Milton Keynes South now upgraded to Gigabit Broadband

    Iain Stewart MP has welcomed the news that 96.90% of premises in Milton Keynes South now have access to superfast broadband.

    Over a million properties across the UK, including homes, businesses and public buildings, now have a seamless internet connection following government investment, delivering on their plan to create a brighter future for everyone across the country.

    The government announced Project Gigabit in 2019 – a flagship £5 billion programme to enable hard-to-reach communities access to lightning-fast gigabit-capable broadband. By sticking to this plan, gigabit coverage across the UK has increased rapidly in recent years – from one in ten households in 2019 to eight in ten today.

    The government is working with broadband suppliers to achieve at least 85 per cent gigabit coverage of the UK by 2025, and nationwide coverage by 2030. 

    The majority of premises can now access gigabit-capable networks and is a significant improvement in a short timeframe, with the UK currently building gigabit networks faster than any EU country.

    Commenting, Iain Stewart MP said: “Families and businesses across Milton Keynes rely heavily on the internet for work and leisure, so it is brilliant to see the Conservative Government delivering on ‘Project Gigabit’.

    “With 96.90% of premises across my constituency now having a superfast broadband connection, it’s clear the Conservative Government’s plan to level up broadband is working.

    “This is making work and leisure faster for people and helping to grow our local economy, as the Conservative Government sticks to the plan to create a brighter future for all.”

    Commenting, Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan, said: “Achieving a million gigabit-ready premises shows our plan to turbocharge British broadband is working. Thanks to our investment, rural communities held back by achingly slow internet can now tap into the best speeds on the market.

    The UK is rolling out gigabit networks faster than any country in the EU, with 8 in 10 premises now able to access upgrades. It is a track record that shows we are rapidly building the infrastructure Britain needs to improve lives and grow the economy”.

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