80-90% of Anglos customers continue to MOT cars despite extension

    Image: RAC

    Anglos in Mount Farm have seen the majority of their customers continue to MOT their cars throughout the coronavirus pandemic, despite the current six-month MOT extension.

    The independent car garage run by Shelly and Jules has remained open throughout the pandemic, with their work categorised as essential for keeping the country moving.

    Speaking to MKFM, Jules from Anglos says, "We're finding the majority of our customers, about 80-90%, are carrying on with their regular MOT and servicing. Most are aware of the six-month MOT extension but understand that they are not car mechanics or engineers and couldn't possibly understand the full workings of a car. They are more concerned for the safety and well-being of their families and others on the roads across Milton Keynes so think it best to leave it to the professionals."

    This falls inline with the latest national research from the RAC stating that half of drivers continue to get their car serviced as normal, despite Covid-19. With a quarter of drivers surveyed unaware of the current six-month MOT extension from the government.

    Based on a survey of 2,200 UK drivers, just one-in-seven drivers (14%) surveyed say they will make full use of the extra six months added to MOT due dates, with three times that proportion (44%) planning on getting their car checked as normal despite the impact of the coronavirus.

    Of those drivers, half (52%) say it is because they want to ensure essential safety checks are made at the right time, while 40% are confident their cars are in good working order and want them to pass their MOTs as soon as possible. However, one-in-six (16%) say their reason is that they are worried there will be a huge backlog of MOT tests as the lockdown is eased further, making it harder to book a test.

    Jules from Anglos would like to highlight to Milton Keynes drivers the importance of checking your vehicle is 'roadworthy', "You are responsible for making sure your vehicle is always safe to drive. It can be unsafe even if you have a current MOT certificate and I would encourage all drivers across MK to reacquaint themselves with the checks they should be doing every time they drive." He continues, "...with the majority of our grid roads in Milton Keynes running at 70mph, if something is faulty with your car the consequences can be catastrophic. We are pleased so many of our customers continue to look after themselves and those around them by maintaining MOTs, servicing and checks with us at Anglos."

    Find out how to check your vehicle is safe to drive here. Drivers are also reminded that insurance is invalid if a vehicle is not deemed roadworthy and the cause of an accident.

    Shelly, Jules and the team at Anglos continue to provide guidance, car servicing, MOTs and repairs in Mount Farm. To speak to one of the team please call 01908 375773 or visit their website.

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