7th June: Lots of roadworks taking place in Milton Keynes this week

    There will be several roadworks taking place in Milton Keynes this week, with some road and lane closures likely.

    Road repairs including potholes

    7 June:

    Wolverton - Cambridge Street

    9 June:

    Denbigh - Graton Street between A5 and V4

    10 June:

    Bletchley - Bond Avenue

    Tilbrook - Bradbourne Drive

    Two Mile Ash - Corn Hill

    Woburn Sands - Theydon Avenue

    Wolverton - Jersey Road

    4 June:

    Bradville - Shipton Hill

    New Bradwell - Newport Road and Thompson Street

    Gully cleaning (road drains)

    7 June:

    H7 Chaffron Way between V2 and V3

    H7 Chaffron Way between V11 and Mandeville Drive

    8 June:

    V4 Watling Street between H6 and H7

    V10 Brickhill Street between H4 and H5

    9 - 10 June:

    V10 Brickhill Street between H6 and H7

    10 - 11 June:

    V10 Brickhill Street between H8 and H9

    In other news, there will be road closures in Central Milton Keynes as work has started on installing traffic lights at a busy junction.

    There will soon be a new, signalised junction at Avebury Boulevard & Grafton Street to "help improve traffic flow and improve road safety".

    The scheme will also provide a new lane on Grafton Gate (northbound) to help ease congestion at the South Grafton roundabout.

    READ MORE: Lengthy road closures in place as work begins on installing traffic lights at busy Central Milton Keynes junction

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