Plans for 5G mast on Milton Keynes estate refused

    Permission for a 15.0m 5G mast pole has been refused following a re-submitted application from Three.

    The plans, submitted by CK Hutchinson Networks, proposed 'the installation of a 15 metre high monopole supporting antennas, equipment cabinets and ancillary development works' in a residential area of Walnut Tree, on Walton Road.

    This is the second time plans had been submitted for a mast in this spot. Original plans for the mast were withdrawn back in June, atfer residents submitted a petition with over 200 signatures. Three, the phone giants behind the proposal, said that the reason for withdrawal was to allow the company to 'look at an alternative location suggested by the council'.

    Not long after the original plans were withdrawn, the phone giants submitted a second proposal to Milton Keynes Council. According to the plans, the latest proposal 'seeked to overcome the concerns set out under [the prior application] by re-locating the installation the junction of Pinfold and Walton.'

    85 objections were received by MK Council ahead of its Planning Panel meeting.

    A Walton Community Council said prior that 'the plans were misleading'.

    They said: "The plans are misleading showing the mast positioned in a large open space, not right beside people’s front and back gardens. The applicants did not carry out a pre-consultation exercise and did not inform the local Community Council of their intentions

    "A 15m tall mast is not in keeping with the character of [the] area and would have a strongly negative and detrimental visual impact. The proposed site is 2m away from a large, beautiful Oak Tree that provides much-valued amenity to residents."

    During the Planning Panel, the mast received 5 votes against with zero for it.

    One councillor stated that their reason for refusal was down to the visual and landscaping issues. Another reason for refusal was the lack of information on possible alternative sites.

    The full meeting can be found here.

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