300 emergency parcels given out by Food Bank in Milton Keynes so far this week

    MK Food Bank is launching its BIG doorstep GIVE campaign in a bid to fill its shelves.

    A spokesperson for Milton Keynes Food Bank has told MKFM the shelves are looking very bare, with 84 phone calls, 300 emergency parcels and 26 brand new families so far this week.

    In a bid to get more donations, the Food Bank is launching its BIG doorstep GIVE for next Saturday 24th September. On this day, as part of the campaign, MK Food Bank will be collecting items from houses all over Milton Keynes and surrounding areas (anywhere with a MK postcode except Bedford).

    It’s very simple to take part:

    1. Send the MK Food Bank team an email at helpline@mkfoodbank.org.uk or WhatsApp 07874 964505 with your address and postcode. They can collect from anywhere with an MK postcode but you must provide these details!
    2. The team will reply with a time slot that a volunteer collection driver will be in your area.
    3. Before your allocated slot, place your donations of long-life food (see list of most-needed items here) in a clearly visible spot on your doorstep.

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