22% increase in charges for rape across Thames Valley, new figures reveal

    Thames Valley Police statistics show over 500,000 contacts from the public across the force, over a six-month period.

    New statistics show Thames Valley Police received over 500,000 contacts from the public, attended 81,000 incidents and made 16,000 arrests over a six-month period in 2023.

    The force is sharing its activity from 1 April 2023 to September 30 2023 with the public.

    Over the course of the six month period, Thames Valley Police officers made 16,239 arrests relating to a range of different crimes, found 3290 missing people and sadly attended 711 tragic sudden deaths, supporting families at the most difficult time.

    The force has released its figures on domestic abuse and violence against women and girls, with 28% of all arrests made, being related to domestic violence.  

    The period between April – September this year saw a 22% increase in charges for rape and an 11% increase in charges for other sexual offences compared to the same period in 2022.

    Chief Constable Jason Hogg said: “In the last six months, we have responded to more than half a million contacts from the public and attended 81,143 incidents, which represents an incredible demand on our 8,400 officers, staff and volunteers. 

    “I’m very proud of the job we do in keeping our communities safe across the Thames Valley, not only by responding to emergencies but also disrupting and preventing crime across the three counties. 

    “Increased rape offence charges and domestic abuse arrests show how our proactive work targeting these crime types is showing real progress. 

    “Behind each of these numbers are the victims of crime, and a priority for the force over the coming year is to place them at the centre of our service and work tirelessly to improve our service to all.”  

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