£14m A&E extension at Milton Keynes hospital starts to take shape

    Milton Keynes Hospital hope to open its £14m extension of its A&E department for patients with complex needs by 2022.

    Construction company Galliford Try, which previously built the hospital's cancer centre, have started building a 26-bed 'Maple Unit' as part of the hospital's five-year expansion plans.

    The already existing Pathway Unit is being demolished and soon in its place will stand the newly named 'Maple Unit'. 

    With 16 assessment rooms, the new unit aims to take the pressure off of the main A&E services.

    It will provide access to primary care, community, mental health services, and social care for individuals with complex or multiple needs who attend the emergency department. 

    In a post on Facebook, MK hospital provided an update on the build- 

    Work is expected to be completed by the end 2022.

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