14th September: More works to continue across Milton Keynes today

    More bridge inspection works are being carried out across Milton Keynes today (14/9) resulting in one major road closure.

    V8 Marlborough Street

    Bridge inspection works are continuing across Milton Keynes today, with today's inspections taking place on the V8 Marlborough Street between H5 and H6. There will be a local diversion in place between 09:30-16:30.

    Footpath closure in Newport Pagnell 

    A footpath at the end of Chicheley Street in Newport Pagnell will be closed today so that the footbridge can be replaced. This path will be closed for two weeks.

    Redway works continue 

    Ringway, which is contracted by the council to look after the town's highways network, will be carrying out restoration works across the redway network visiting various sites across Milton Keynes up until Christmas. 

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