Gritting duo named!

    Hundreds of you came up with and voted for your favourite names for Ringway's pair of redway gritters for your chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher. The winner has now been announced!

    Milton Keynes Council have two mini gritters, called Tremos, used on redways and footways during the winter when it is particularly cold and icy for long periods. They have snow ploughs fitted and spray saltwater mix over the footway and redway. Each can fit a 2-person crew inside and are compact enough to drive through an underpass. BUT they need naming!

    Thanks to hundreds of MKFM followers for submitting their nominations. All entries received were reviewed by MK Council and their service provider Ringway and the top ten are listed below (in no particular order).

    1. Torvill and Dean
    2. Chas and Dave
    3. Milk and Beans
    4. Bert and Ernie
    5. Gritter Thunberg and Roger Spreaderer 
    6. Holly and Ivy
    7. Blitzen and Comet
    8. Cannon and Ball
    9. David Plowie and Gritney Spears
    10. Penelope Gritstop and Basil Salty

    Congratulations to Sam whose winning entry of 'Gritter Thunberg and Roger Spreaderer' was voted top in the public vote. He wins a £50 Amazon Voucher courtesy of Ringway and pride seeing the new names adorned onto the two gritters.

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