CityFibre connecting MK

    CityFibre brings full fibre connectivity to your doorstep in Milton Keynes.

    CityFibre is transforming Milton Keynes into one of the best, digitally connected areas in the world through the deployment of a full fibre network.

    In early 2018 CityFibre announced they would be extending Milton Keynes existing network to almost every home and business throughout the city, thanks to a strategic partnership with Vodafone. 

    The latest development will provide lightning-fast digital connections to everyone and everything – from families in the home, to children at school, workplaces and even traffic lights and CCTV cameras.

    Residents in Bradwell, Blue Bridge, Bancroft, Great Linford, Willen, Bletchley and Fenny Stratford are among the first in MK to reap the wealth of benefits of full fibre broadband such as saying goodbye to the buffering symbol on streamed content and making remote working a reality with seamless file sharing and reliable cloud access. 

    Full fibre is about much more than just faster, more reliable and higher capacity broadband though, according to a recent study by economic consultancy Regeneris, full fibre in Milton Keynes could unlock £119m in private household benefits over the next 15 years. 

    Pete Marland, as both Council Leader and local Ward Councillor, hailed the news: “CityFibre has done a great job working with MK Council to transform us into a Gigabit City and I’m excited to see the build continuing at pace.”

    Learn more about the Gigabit City Milton Keynes project at or follow @GigabitMK. 

    Residential services are available via Vodafone, register your interest in Gigafast broadband:


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