Meet Our Team

    MKFM is independently run by over 25 presenters and online contributors and our core management team below: 

    Lia Christodoulou - Head of Community and Commercial Partnerships

    Lia has been part of bringing local radio back to Milton Keynes since MKFM's inception in 2011. Having previously worked at Horizon Radio, Lia has always been passionate about the value and power of local radio.

    Lia works closely with local charities and community projects to ensure their vital causes have exposure on-air and online at MKFM. Lia also heads up MKFM's Principal Partner programme and insures our partners are supported and connected within the local community.

    Joanne Ronan - Head of Sales and Advertising

    Joanne has been our Head of Sales and Advertising since January 2017, building our commercial partnerships and creating our sales structure to where it is now.

    Joanne loves to work closely with all of her clients and is very passionate about independent and local businesses in Milton Keynes and all the ways MKFM support them as a business. This dedication can be shown through the business relationships she holds with so many businesses in MK.

    Charlotte Knowles - Head of News

    Charlotte has been covering all things news for MKFM since March of 2021 and has kept Milton Keynes residents well-informed ever since.

    Charlotte has full editorial control and manages the news output of MKFM and Charlotte is passionate about providing clear and trustworthy stories to people online, on-air, and on social media.

    With everything that has happened over the past few years, Charlotte also likes to highlight the positive goings-on within the local community.

    To further ensure MKFM fulfils its community and funding objectives, our not for profit organisation is supported by Stadium MK.

    MKFM is regulated by the government communications regulator Ofcom.

    Board of Directors

    Pete Winkelman

    Darren Dorrington

    Mark Turner

    Bernadette Winkelman

    Company Secretary and Head of Finance

    Ryan Gawley

    If you have a question regarding MKFM and how we operate, you can email and one of our team will respond asap.

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