Harry's Rainbow

    Harry's Rainbow's vision is to provide bereaved children with the support they need today for a brighter tomorrow.

    Statistics show in the Milton Keynes area alone, on average, 100 parents will die in one year, leaving 170 dependent children. This figure is highly likely to be higher as Harry's Rainbow also support children in the surrounding areas, including Buckingham, Northampton and Leighton Buzzard.

    Harry's Rainbow support children and young people in the Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, who have been bereaved of a parent or sibling. As well as providing information and guidance on their website and social networking sites, they provide various bereavement support services. These include regular support groups, activities and trips, and individual tailored support, as appropriate.

    The support package they provide is predominantly built to support the bereaved child, but all activities consider the whole family to ensure that parents and carers are involved and also supported as a result. This also includes the larger extended family where there may be step siblings and parents.

    The various services they provide are designed to ensure that bereaved children are supported in the grieving process, from provision of books and resources and individually tailored memory boxes to activities that promote wellbeing by building confidence and self-esteem. Facilitating contact with others who have also suffered a bereavement can also reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness.

    Find out more information about Harry's Rainbow on their website here.

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