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Most businesses use a variety of software packages for different types of activity, e.g. creating and editing documents, making calculations, emailing, and managing sales opportunities, customers, stock, diaries, projects and much more. Times have changed, however, and many companies are moving to FuseMetrix – one cloud-based software platform that does practically everything. 

Technology that does almost everything your business needs 

FuseMetrix increases efficiency by reducing admin, streamlining processes that may not have been systemised before, and providing senior management with accurate information. 

Automatically links relevant information

FuseMetrix is incredibly easy to use and automatically links business information because it is all held on one platform. If you see a piece of information that looks unusual or incorrect, you can drill down through simple web links to find the cause. 

Scaling up

The FuseMetrix business management system scales up – so you will never have to move platform again. We have well-known customers that have scaled up from a single local site to run hundreds of sites across the world, in many languages and under different tax regimes. 

What are the business benefits?

•    Improves senior management decision-making
•    Systemises your business without compromising on quality
•    Increases profitability through efficiency gains
•    One system to run your business so it’s entirely auditable
•    You’ll never need to upgrade again
•    Your data is more secure
•    Much easier to use than multi-technology systems and software
•    It’s cloud-based so you can access it any time, from anywhere
•    Reduces capital expenditure
•    Includes support
•    Reduces your carbon footprint

The business benefits are often quantifiable – they are shown in the results in our case studies. 

Current clients

  • Aqua Parcs
  • Vertigo VR
  • Mr Mulligans
  • Snozone
  • iFLY
  • Safari MK
  • Thrift Farm

Dedicated UK-based team

Customers enjoy the support and guidance of our dedicated team in Milton Keynes. If you would like to speak or meet with a team member to see how FuseMetrix can transform your business, please contact them:

Call: 01908 915905 
Email: enquiries@fusemetrix.com


The system has been developed and used by plenty of businesses since its launch in 2002. It’s been delivering efficiencies throughout: however, some of our recent achievements include:
•    Developing features to deliver a quantum leap in bespoke manufacturing
•    Helping a customer merge and dramatically grow – they recently floated on the Stock Market
•    Becoming accredited to supply the UK government
•    Proving that bespoke manufacturing can be systemised.

It really does contain practically everything your business needs.

There are hundreds of elements within FuseMetrix – and we are continually adding new ones. All our customers are automatically, always on the latest version. 

This is a very small sample of some of the functionality within FuseMetrix:
•    Accounts and finance 
•    CRM (customer relationship management) 
•    HR (human resources) 
•    Integrated supply chain management 
•    Centralised diaries 
•    Automatic notifications 
•    Infrastructure and security 
•    Opportunity and sales management 
•    Stock control 
•    Barcoding 
•    Ticket and facility booking 
•    Till interface for point-of-sale 
•    Online and offline marketing management 
•    Email marketing 
•    Website content management 
•    Intelligent email management 
•    Forecasting and production planning 
•    Manufacturing 
•    Workflow management 
•    Customer service 
•    Helpdesk 
•    Logistics and warehousing 
•    Health and safety 
•    Timesheets 
•    Project management and tracking 
•    Purchasing 
•    Maintenance management 
•    Sales and distribution 
•    Quality management 
•    Budgeting and monitoring 
•    Funds management 
•    Asset accounting 
•    Profitability analysis 
•    Training and development management 
•    Credit control 
•    Bills of materials 
•    Work order processing 
•    Capacity planning 
•    Job costing 
•    E-commerce 
•    Material requirements planning 
•    Business insights dashboard 
•    Fleet management 
•    Contact management 
•    Customer feedback management 
•    Scheduling

If you’d like more information, either contact us or visit www.fusemetrix.com

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