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    Why would you choose to work with Printing & Mailing?

    Because you always come first.

    My name is Mark Orr and I founded The Printing & Mailing Company in Milton Keynes on the 11th June 2001.  I’ve been running it successfully for over for over 20 years because of customers like you.

    My focus will always be to make sure you have a positive return on your investment in the effective use of print and direct mail.  I’m so focused that I actually guarantee it. No other printing company in the UK offers that guarantee.

    I also provide two other cast iron guarantees.  I guarantee quality so you know your job will look and feel great.  I guarantee value, which contains my guaranteed lower price promise so you know you’ll always pay the best price possible.

    I source and supply from over 100 United Kingdom based trade printing factories.  That means I can produce absolutely any job that you can think of and many that you can’t.  No matter how small or large the run or the physical size, if it can be done I can supply it.

    I will ask you loads of relevant questions so I can give you the best possible advice on the most efficient and cost effective way to produce your job.  All that advice is completely free so just call me at any time on 07903 655 169 and ask.

    I also support customers like you by promoting your organisation for free in my business networking activities, with my huge LinkedIn audience, online and will also be doing so on my own new website.  After all, your success will also be my success.  We’re in it together.  It’s my way of saying thank you for your valued support.



    Telephone number: 01908 27 27 28


    Address: 21 Brook Farm Close, Stoke Hammond, Milton Keynes, MK17 9FN

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