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    Lion Estates is a team of estate agents offering the most personal service in the industry. Our goal is to cover our costs by adding value in the form of a higher sales price, better communication and reduce stress for our clients. We aim to be your chosen property professional for life, offering advice and support even when you're not looking to move home.

    A New Breed Of Estate Agent.

    It's no secret that estate agents in the UK don't have the best reputation compared to other countries across the world...

    We believe this is down to the high transactional nature of the typical estate agency business model. The need to sell high levels of homes results in poor marketing, worse communication and under-performance which leaves clients feeling short-changed. The agent who values your home and wins your trust isn't the agent who shows potential buyers around your home and goes on to negotiate your sales price. This crucial task falls to the least experienced staff member, who more often than not knows nothing about your home and hopes the potential buyer will decide to offer full asking price off their own back. Don't blame the agent though; they are likely conducting viewings on 30 - 50 homes, such is their business model, so it's impossible for them to know every detail about every home. But the person it impacts the most is the person who is paying the agent's fee - you.

    This, however, is through choice and not necessity - there is a better way.

    Imagine a service designed around what's best for the client, always putting your needs first. A truly personal service tailored to the different needs of each client as, after all, everyone's reason for moving is different. Not only that but every home is different - even if you have the same house style as someone else on your street, no other home has the same plot, orientation and feel of your home. You and your home are unique, and we for one believe you deserve to be treated like it.

    The estate agency industry has failed to evolve over the last 40 + years. It has failed to keep up with the changing needs of clients as the world around us has changed rapidly. Finally that change has come - welcome to the era of the personal estate agent.



    Telephone number: 01908 465700


    Address: Midsummer Court, 314 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 2UB

    Instagram: lion_estates_kw

    Facebook: @lionestateskw

    TikTok: @miltonkeynesrealestate

    LinkedIn: Lion Estates - Keller Williams

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