Christmas Sponsorship Opportunities with MKFM

    With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to associate your business with the festive season and there's no better way than having your business featured on the radio.

    We have a wide range of sponsorship opportunities to suit all businesses and budgets. Feel free to email us at or give us a call on 01908 230149 and we can discuss the opportunities on this page along with a range of others.

    Build Up To Christmas

    'Christmas Sounds Better' Promotion (25 day promotion)

    Example: Christmas Sounds better with MKFM and the Quayside Pub, with a three course festive meal from just £9.95 per person

    From the 1st of December right through to Boxing Day, MKFM will be playing at least one Christmas related song every hour, every day - with the number increasing the week before Christmas! There is the opportunity to sponsor at least 18 of the 'Christmas Songs' played out per day. As a sponsor, you will receive a Power Intro at the beginning, giving you the opportunity to highlight your business or event at a key time of year. This is the only opportunity to have your sponsor credit featured within the music flow of the radio station, making your business stand out from the rest.

    'Have a Safe Christmas' Promotion (32 day promotion)

    Example: Have a safe Christmas with MKFM and Happy Stores, with free parking throughout the festive period

    MKFM will be delivering a number of public services messages. These will include 'Don't drink and drive', 'Test your smoke alarm' and 'Don't leave Christmas lights on'. This is an opportunity to sponsor this feature and hear your business on the radio at least 12 times per day between 1st December and 2nd January. Your company will be associated with vital safety messages and heard when our listeners are at their most attentive.

    'Have a Great Christmas' Promotion (25 day promotion)

    Example: Have a great Christmas with MKFM and Swift Solutions, for all your car maintenance needs this winter

    MKFM will be playing Christmas messages between the 1st December and 25th December. This is an opportunity to sponsor this feature and have your business mentioned every single hour across the day (24 credits per day).

    Email or call 01908 230149 now to reserve one of these limited availability packages!

    Christmas and New Year

    Santa on MKFM (Christmas Day)

    Example: Santa on MKFM with New Sales Shopping Outlet, be ready for the Boxing Day sales kick starting tomorrow from 9am

    In an exclusive broadcast in this area, the big man himself will be broadcasting his very own show on MKFM on Christmas Day between 10am and 1pm. Full of sparkling Christmas hits and family fun, Christmas Day with Santa is the perfect feel-good family show with the magical something that only Santa can deliver. This is an exclusive opportunity for your business to be associated with one of our flagship festive shows. You will receive twelve sponsor credits throughout the programme. 

    The Stars of 2016 on MKFM (Christmas Day and New Years Day)

    Example: The Stars of 2016 on MKFM with Swift Solutions, for all your car maintenance needs this winter

    Reflecting the hottest artists of the last 12 months, The Stars of 2016 is a fast-moving hit-music show that celebrates the biggest hits of the year. From Justin Bieber to Lukas Graham, we’ll be playing the hits and speaking to the artists themselves. The show will air during daytime for three hours on both Christmas Day and New Years Day. Your business will receive 12 credits during each show (that's 24 in total).

    Countdown to 2017 with MKFM (New Years Eve)

    This sponsorship opportunity gets you on the radio 24 times on New Years Eve. Each hour after the news we will be counting down how many hours to 2017, alongside your business and sponsor credit. MKFM will also be running commercial free from 7pm, meaning your business can be featured in hours free from other commercial messaging. 

    Example: 2017 is coming - 4 hours to go - with ABC Pizza, delivered in 20 minutes or it's FREE

    Happy New Year from MKFM (7 days)

    Get your business heard on the radio 24 times per day for the first week of 2017. Each hour after the news we will be greeting our listeners with a Happy New Year message in conjunction with your business.

    Example: Happy New Year from MKFM and the Quayside Pub, start your 2017 with a delicious meal for 2 from just £9.95 per person

    Email or call 01908 230149 now to reserve one of these limited availability packages

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