Steven Gordon-Wilson

    SGW is on the air on Saturday from 10am - 2pm.  As well as playing MK's biggest hits, he has all your very latest showbiz news, celeb interviews and more. 

    My hometown before MK was Welwyn Garden City - from one new town to another!

    The best thing about Milton Keynes is the fact that you don't really need to leave. Someone once told me when they visited the city that it was "an urban utopia, someone should put a glass dome over the top of it."  I like that idea!!

    My first jobs was a hotel entertainer in Cyprus... I was one of the annoying kids that comes round the pool when you're trying to sleep asking you to play waterpolo...

    When I’m not on the radio you'll either find me in the theatre or at home wrangling the children!

    My favourite artists we play are Miley Cyrus, Tom Walker and Mystique (with da bump and flex)

    If I won the MK Mystery Voice I would buy A hot tub!  I'm tempted every time I walk past the one they've got in the middle aisle of wonder at Lidl...

    Favourite Food is Sausages 

    My tipple is Champagne. Obviously.  Classy bird, me.

    I dislike time wasters!

    Apart from my show, my favourite shows on MKFM are Oliver Dean - because he provides so much opportunity for me to take the mickey out of him - he writes a lot of my show for me without knowing it. 

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