Neal Veglio

    Neal’s with you from 10am weekdays, taking your mind off your workday grind with a bit of chaos.
    As well as the “Donut Run”, he’s taking care of your issues with “Straight Up With Siri” - contact him now if something’s grinding your gears.
    And be mindful of answering your phone - he could be on the end of it, with Ricktrolling. 

    We let him write a few words about himself, just because we knew he’d sulk if he didn’t get a chance to bang on about himself for a bit...

    My hometown before MK - I was born in Didcot - to chimpanzees. A child of science.

    The best thing about Milton Keynes – So far I’m loving Milton Keynes. I’m lazy, so I enjoy having everything around and not needing to go more than a few miles for anything I want.

    My first jobs –

    When I’m not on the radio – During the hours that I’m not on the air at MKfm, I sleep in an Oxygen Chamber, and my blood is used as a battery to power the overnight shows.

    My favourite artists we play are – Musically, I enjoy literally anything and everything, but I’m quite partial to ‘Old School’ and ‘Hip Hop’ music.

    If I won on the MK Secret Sound – Ok, let's get serious here. I've been shocked by the situation with the homeless in MK. I would use that cash to help them in some way. Probably with a small marketing campaign to shame local government into action.

    Favourite Food – Lasag....Lasang.....cheese based pasta dishes.

    I dislike –  Very little. Apart from repetitive corporate radio stations with local features put together by radio bosses in another city more than 50 miles away.

    Apart from my show, my favourite show on MKFM - They're all brilliant and that's an unfair question which I feel would be far too career limiting to answer. Oh, ok, Darren and Lia on Breakfast. And Greg on Drive. And Blades on afternoons. And all the evening and weekend stuff. Particularly Pat Sharp. And Ear Candy. Oh and the Beat Chart is pretty 🔥 too.

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