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    About Greg 

    My hometown before MK - I've always lived in a MK postcode, for me there is no before MK. I did go to uni in Cheltenham though, wasn't as good, not enough roundabouts.

    The best thing about Milton Keynes – It's the chicken capital of the UK, more Nando's per population than anywhere else in the country.

    My first jobs – Paperboy at 13, Supermarket Checkout Assistant at 16, the classic career progression.

    When I’m not on the radio – I play a lot of video games and text a lot because I'm a millennial.

    My favourite artists we play are – Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and any of my Tracks of the Week!

    If I won on the MK Secret Sound – I'd probably be fired as I'm the one doing the competition on Drive!

    Favourite Food – My mum's macaroni cheese. Also coffee.

    I dislike – Badly made coffee, the Dons losing and peas.

    Apart from my show, my favourite show on MKFM - Saturday mornings with Oliver Dean because I used to read his travel. Or DJ Hurley on Friday Night in the Mix because then I know the weekend has started.

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