Parrot that escaped home found five miles away after 'wild weekend'

    Monday, 8 July 2024 14:41

    By Jenness Mitchell, Scotland reporter

    A parrot that escaped his home and flew off for a "wild weekend" has been found more than five miles away in a maternity unit.

    The pet bird named Jobby fled a ground floor flat in Langside, Glasgow, shortly after midnight on Saturday.

    Owner Apsi Witana had been performing with her band Brenda at Kelburn Garden Party in North Ayrshire and had been unloading equipment when Jobby made his great escape.

    Ms Witana told Sky News: "That's when he just bolted. It was such a horrible moment.

    "He's never flown away before, but I have taken him on little excursions like to Queen's Park, which is not that far."

    Ms Witana and her friend Flore de Hoog got to work sticking up posters and sharing appeals on social media.

    "I had really lost hope that he wouldn't come back," she said.

    However late on Sunday afternoon, the musician and TV assistant editor was contacted by a nurse and a patient at the Queen Elizabeth Maternity Unit, saying Jobby was in the reception area.

    The pet was said to be "eating crisps and playing around" before Ms Witana arrived.

    She said: "It was really good to hear that."

    On arrival to the unit within the Queen Elizabeth and University Hospital campus, Ms Witana said Jobby was relaxed and preening despite the five-mile adventure.

    She said: "I'm really happy as it proves to me that he's a tough bird."

    After around 40 hours on the run, Jobby returned home.

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    Ms Witana thanked Ms de Hoog for her help, her neighbours who offered support, and all those who shared the appeals online.

    She added: "Also, a big shout out to the staff, patients and families at Queen Elizabeth Maternity Unit for getting in touch and keeping an eye on him while I got there.

    "The community pulled through for me and I'm really so grateful."

    The eight-year-old pet was said to be sleepy on Sunday evening.

    Ms Witana said: "Behaviour-wise, he seems exactly the same. He seems in good spirits, chipper and happy.

    "He had a wild weekend and now he's just like 'I need to rest'."

    Jobby has been in Ms Witana's care since he was three.

    When asked about his colourful name, Ms Witana joked: "Because he is one."

    Sky News

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