Six Tips for Getting Your Professional Music Career Started

    With a career in music becoming a more and more popular choice, getting yourself noticed by the right people if you are a musician is becoming increasingly difficult.

    The good news for budding musicians, however, is that the internet has made it much easier for you to connect with the right people and market your music to a wider audience. If a career in music is your ultimate goal, it’s important to understand how the modern music industry works and how to work well inside of it. There are several things that you can do to get your music noticed by the right people and boost your chance of getting the type of deals that can help your career take off.

    Be Proactive

    To get your music noticed, you need to be proactive when it comes to putting it out there. This means that you should not be ashamed to play your music for others at any chance that you get. Take up as many opportunities as you can to play your music for others and create opportunities for yourself to broaden your reach, such as starting a music website, YouTube channel, and other online platforms where you can upload, perform and talk about your music.

    Upload Your Music to Streaming Platforms

    With the rise of streaming in entertainment, fewer people are buying records these days with many preferring to listen to music on apps like Spotify where they can pay a monthly subscription to get access to a huge number of albums and tracks from various artists. To succeed in the music industry today, you certainly need to get on these streaming platforms. This will give more listeners the opportunity to hear your music and improve your chance to get yourself on a Spotify playlist that is listened to by influential people and decision-makers in the music industry who could seriously change your career. To upload your music to Spotify, you should use professional recording studios like those offered by also has a lot of great information that you can use, including the linked guide on how to get on Spotify playlist.

    Get Played on Local Radio

    Once you have some professionally recorded tracks, you can get your music noticed by having a local radio station play it. Get the contact information for local radio stations in your area and get in touch with your demo CD to see if they would be interested in playing your music on their show. Many radio stations have shows that are interested in finding out more and giving airtime to new and upcoming artists, which can be a great way to put your music out to the world and get it heard by the right people. If you have a good song with a lot of appeal, it’s likely that radio stations will be interested in finding out more about you and giving you a slot on a show.

    Get Featured on Music Sites

    Blogging might not be as popular as it once was, but they are still a great option for spreading awareness of your music and getting it out there in front of a wider audience. Music websites and blogs are often run by people or groups who are really interested in learning more about new and upcoming artists and will always jump at the chance to hear something new. Spend some time finding suitable music blogs and websites that could be interested in featuring or reviewing your music, and reach out to them. While you might not get a response from every single one, there’s bound to be some sites that are interested in working with artists like you that you can build a good relationship with.

    Take Any Gig Opportunities

    No matter what kind of music you create or whether you play a musical instrument, sing, or DJ, if you want to get your work noticed, you can’t afford to be choosy about where you perform. If you’re just starting out with your music career, one of the best things that you can do to work on getting your music noticed by more people is to take as many opportunities to play shows and gigs as you can. No matter how small the audience is, you never know who might be in the crowd when you are performing. And, when you’re at the beginning of your career in music, any experience with playing shows and gigs is good experience that you can use to improve your visibility and get practice for the future. Playing at a range of different venues and to different crowds can be one of the best ways to get more information on the type of crowd that your music is likely to attract, which can help you take your future career in the right direction.

    Put a Press Kit Together

    It’s likely that one of the main reasons why you will want to get noticed as a musician is to grow your success within the industry and get signed by record labels for regular work. But before you can turn your music into a full-time career for yourself, you’re going to need a resume just like you would with any other kind of job. As a musician, this is your press kit. A press kit is basically a portfolio that will contain everything other people need to know about you as a musician and your act overall. Include important information such as your musical background, skills, styles, typical set lists, influences, a high-quality photo and a good quality demo CD with a short selection of sounds that can be listened to in order to get an idea of what kind of music you offer. Since your press kit will be important in getting you gigs, record label deals, and more, it’s something that you should invest a lot of time into creating and getting just right.

    Becoming a professional musician can be an exciting, lucrative career. However, getting noticed in the music industry isn’t always easy today. Keep these tips in mind to get your music out there and in front of the right people.

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