MKFM REVIEW: Tom MacRea’s Everybody's talking about Jamie!

    Trevor Marshall's wife and daughter visited Milton Keynes Theatre on Tuesday night (11/06) to see Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and here is their review…

    Everybody's talking about Jamie......well Rose and I certainly were, all the way home!  We were lucky enough to see the performance on Monday night at the wonderful  MK Theatre. 

    'Everybody's Talking About Jamie' tells the story of teen Jamie New as he navigates understanding his place in the world and expressing his true identity.  Jamie wants to wear a dress to prom but prejudice from his father, the school bully and careers teacher threaten to hold him back.  He dreams of being a drag queen but the careers' computer programme has him pegged as a forklift truck driver... quite the miss-match!

    Based on a true story his journey is emotional and heartbreaking at times but also funny,  heart-warming and inspiring.  Through fearlessness and determination, the love of his mum and best friend and support from ex-drag queen 'Loco Chanelle',  played brilliantly by Strictly's Kevin Clifton, (I didn't know he could sing too),  he finds his way.      

    It's full of great songs, exhilarating dance routines and brilliant performances all round, from 'Jamie' himself, played by Ivano Turco and his class mates to the larger than life drag queens.  For me, Jamie's mum's, played by Rebecca McKinnis performance of 'He's my boy' was so powerful.  It made me cry and I could tell I wasn't the only one...take a tissue...I hadn't.

    It's been a while since I stood amongst a total standing ovation in the stalls.  Everybody's Talking about Jamie...and we will be for a while.

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